The RSYC landyachting centre is located near the beach and has a large hangar, a technical space and a cozy clubhouse. Foreign pilots really enjoy coming here. Non-sailing visitors are equally welcome. 


European Championship De Panne 2023

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De Panne is perhaps the world’s foremost landyachting centre. This year’s organizer of the European Championships landsailing , the 55th of their kind, will be De Panne’s RSYC. De Panne lastly hosted the event in 2010.

This year, for the EC Landsailing, between 100 and 120 pilots are expected, from at least seven European countries. Races will be held for four different types (or classes) of landyachts.

Practical information for spectators

If there is sufficient wind, sailing will take place at low tide every day. Sandyachts can go very fast, therefore the beach is not open to the public between the sea and the high tide line during races and training.  
Race areas will be delineated with fences, cords, cones, flags and signs.  An in-house security crew will oversee this along with the police and fire department.
Each day after the races, the beach will again be completely available to everyone.




During the EC, a daily total of around fifty volunteers will be employed as race officers, jury, safety personnel, reception, catering and so on. The Royal Sand Yacht Club has the welcome support of the town of De Panne for the organization of this event.

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Landyachts need hard sand and a sufficiently wide beach to sail, which are only available from about three hours before to three hours after low tide. At high tide it is impossible to sail on the beach. A landyachting race is a spectacular event for photographers and onlookers, as no other sailing vessel can reach  like speeds. Landyachts can  sail three times faster than the windspeed. The pilots endeavour  to gain as much speed as possible and   must navigate the beach intelligently to avoid soft patches of sand which would cause decelerations.


Our proud partner: De Panne


It is with the support of the town of De Panne that we can organize the EC.  A visit to the EC is a perfect opportunity to visit this beautiful town that has such a close connection with landsailing.


Come to the most beautiful area of the country to experience the spectacular event of EURO23.

Visit De Panne

Activity center


On the beach between Zeelaan and Leopold I-Esplanade, you can get a taste of what landsailing feels like. That will be possible on Saturday September 30th, from 9 AM until 12 AM, and on Sunday October 1st, from around 11.30 AM until 2 PM. You will be welcomed  by members of the youth club De Krab, who will help you and answer all your questions about landsailing. 

Z.C. De Krab

For longer courses in sandyachting, the landyacht school of the RSYC is open throughout the year. You can come alone or with your friends. Follow the next link for more information:

Zeilwagenschool (Landyachting School) RSYC


If you’re looking for a place to stay during the championship, you will find our partners in the area through the link below.

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