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Come and experience the 55th edition of the European Championship firsthand. The place to be this year, for everyone, is the beach of De Panne!





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Faster than the wind.


Euro2023 Landyachting De Panne

Sand, sea, wind … From september 30th until October 6th 2023, the best pilots in Europe will battle each other and the elements in an epic championship.


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The youngest pilots on the Belgian team - Lucas DEMUYSERE and Aleksey VANPUTTE

Sep 20, 2023

The youngest Belgian participants in the championships are Lucas Demuysere (20 years old) and Aleksey Vanputte (19 years old), both members of the youth club "De Krab." Both of them compete in a land yachting class for which they don't yet have much competition experience. The challenge is significant... Read more

IMG_5225 Aug 30, 2023

Potjesregatta and Inauguration R. Demuyserepad

On Saturday 2 and Sunday 3 September 2023, the Royal Sand Yacht Club will organise the annual international landyacht race Potjesregatta.

This race for classes 2, 3, 5, P and Standart is the last race in De Panne before the EURO23 DE PANNE European Championship (30/9 - 6/10/2023).

Among... Read more

1909 - Julien Michez  gagnant la première course copy Jul 21, 2023

Sandyachting, a sport

The experience of driving a sand yacht along the beach is fantastic enough for many. It is a separate outing. That you have to go to the coast for it is part of it.

Once with several sailors on the beach, it becomes extra fun to catch up with the others. It's in many of us... .

So it... Read more

sneller dan de wind Jul 14, 2023

Faster than the wind. impossible?

Faster than the wind. 

Impossible ? 


Like most modern sailing craft, a sand yacht is not pushed forward by the wind. 

It is the gliding of the wind along the sail that makes the force that makes a sand yacht move forward. It is like an aircraft that stays... Read more

sticker@4x Jun 14, 2023

Tom Slambrouck, designer of the logo and poster

Tom grew up in Koksijde and was a member of youth-landsailingclub De Krab. He was a Standart pilot and participated in the World Championship in 2018 in Sankt Peter-Ording (Germany).


A love of images is what drives and motivates Tom, so he pursued the visual arts. If he cannot... Read more

Annual meeting of landyachting pilots – 55th edition

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The participating pilots turn this eco-friendly sport into an artform. Our  Belgian champions Egon Plovier, Ivan Ameele, Henri Demuysere, Thierry Kaisin and Yann Demuysere will take on the European landsailing elite. Races will be held for classes 2, 3, 5 and Standart.

Want to experience landsailing yourself?

Landsailing is the fastest type of sailing. Landyachts are faster than the wind. It’s pretty impressive to see a  fleet of landyachts racing on the beach. The races will be visible from the high water line  and from the dyke.


Landsailing : older than De Panne

De Panne, in the westernmost corner of the Belgian coast, has a peculiar history. Our first king, Leopold I, made landfall here in 1831. During the first World War, it became the home base of the royal family. Later, De Panne grew from a community of fishermen into the bustling seaside town it is today.

Albert Dumont, architect and urbanist, was a key figure in the expansion of the town. He created the ‘Dumont quarter’. His  children discovered that you can sail on the beach and have a lot of fun with it, and built the first landyacht in De Panne.

Link to the International Land and Sandyachting Federation – FISLY
Link to Royal Sand Yacht Club

Link to information about landsailing at Wind- en Watersport Vlaanderen - WWSV

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