Faster than the wind. impossible?

Faster than the wind. 

Impossible ? 


Like most modern sailing craft, a sand yacht is not pushed forward by the wind. 

It is the gliding of the wind along the sail that makes the force that makes a sand yacht move forward. It is like an aircraft that stays in the air by gliding the air along the wings. 

Another difference is that the rolling resistance of a sand yacht is very small compared to the water resistance of a sailboat.

In addition, a sand yacht sails with the confluence of the (actual) wind and the wind you create by moving forward (the speed wind). This makes the faster you go the more wind you get. The confluent wind is called with Apparent wind. 

Thus, one can go up to four times faster than the wind with a racing sand yacht. 


This is also possible if the wind comes from behind at an angle. Then one goes much faster than a sand yacht that just sails with the wind and is pushed by the wind. The faster it goes the less pushing force.   

If one then changes course where the sail changes sides - jibe for those in the know - this is done very gently. A good sand yacht pilot knows no slap jibe ! 


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