Speed record

Lake Gairdner (dried-up salt lake) in South Australia, Sunday December 11th 2022, 17 local time.

Emirates Team New Zealand and pilot Glenn Ashby sailed faster than all previously set records in ‘Horonuku’, their wind-driven world-record vessel. Glenn Ashby achieved a speed of 222,4 km/h, in slightly over 22 knots of windspeed..

The FISLY, the International Land and Sandyachting Federation , which  has its registered office in the Landsailing Centre of RSYC in De Panne, validated the record.

Pilot Glenn Ashby was happy with the run , but realized the vessel could go even faster with more wind and better conditions. New attempts to go even faster would be made in the future. On April 14th 2023, the record was indeed improved, settling at 225,58 km/h.

One thing is certain: during EURO23 DE PANNE, the landyachts will not achieve these kinds of speeds.  


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